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DD3 pty ltd

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Some people dream of designs. We make it happen.


DD3 Specialising in SLSA Surfskis & Surf Oars 


We understand what paddlers want.


We find fresh ways to solve old problems, developing ground-breaking solutions that can become industry standards. We open eyes. We grow. We evolve. But we never depart from our core principle - the paddler always comes first.


Damien Daley


DD3 Founder

World Champion - Ocean Ski Teams 2002 / 2004 / 2008

World Championship Bronze Medallist  

World Masters Champion X 12

Australian Champion X 13

Australian Kayak Team Member 2006 ,2007

Australian Ocean Ski Team Member 2002/03/04/08 

Australian OC6 Team Member 2001, 2002

Australian Surfboat Champion 2018

ASRL Champions 2018, 2019

NSW Surfboat Team Member 2018               







DD3 - Dynamic Durable Designs

Our goal at DD3 is to provide the fastest, highest quality, most durable surfskis and surf oars designed and owned right here in Australia. and sent all over the globe. 

Our manufacturing and design team have drawn on our extensive experience to produce a variety of ski shapes and oar shapes to cater for all paddlers and rowers. The DD3 team are qualified manufacturers who share a passion for paddling.



“I' have tried every top manufactured ski.  The SKYFALL was by far the best all round ski. It excelled in all condition. The build quality was superior. To put it bluntly the ski is BRILLIANT"


Daniel Collins - 2 X Olympic Medallist