DD3 offers a range of apparel for paddlers and their surfskis. 

Many of our apparel items can be used on other brand skis. 

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Free shipping for apparel orders over AU$50.        $5 shipping on all items


Paddle Cover (Split)

The split paddle cover is designed to protect your paddle. Designed with individual compartments so your paddle does not scratch or rub against each otherduring transport or storage.


Keep your hands toast warmduring the colder months. One size fits all and can fit to any brand shaped paddle.

Flotation / hydration jacket Hi Vis




The flotation hydration paddling jacket is designed specifically for ski paddling. With a drink system intergrated into the design allows for hydration to be maintained on those longer paddles. A whistles and 2 pockets make this a desirable item. Comes in either Hi Vis Orange or Yellow.

DD3 drink bottle 2ltr

Drink system is an easy to use which fits in front of the foot pedal system of most skis. A 1.3m drinking tuble with a flow regulaor as a standard item. The bottle system is an easy sytem to wash after each use.

Seat Pads

Designed for added comfort and allow blood flow through the tail bone into the paddlers legs. Seat pads are available in 5mm and 10mm thinckness. Easy to fit with self adhisive backing.

Driver attention flag

Save getting a $400 fine and 1 point deduction off your licence. Australian law states that any object that hangs over the vechicle by 1m or greater needs to have an attention flagDesigned to easily for all models of skis

Footstrap - ocean




ORS footstrap. Adjustable and padded for comfort. The width had been designed to accomadate for a watch or GPS to be attached. This footstrap can be fitted to most types of craft.

Tie down straps pair (3m)

Tie down straps are a must for any paddler. Double stitchedand stainless buckle and spring provides a peice of mind that your skis is secured properly. Each strap comes with paddling under the buckle to protect your craft from scrathing

Rubber bungs



3 for AU$10
Rudders - 




Rubber bungs that fit several different bran Ocean and Spec skis.  This is the standard size for all DD3 Spec and Ocean skis. Dont be caught out not having a spare. Can easily be kept in the foot strap or the ash tray of your car. 

DD3 offers the choice of 4 different style rudders - Spec, Downwind, FW marathon and the all rounder. All rudders are made on an 8mm stanless shaft and can be made in most colours. These rudders can be made to suit other brand skis.

T- Piece - rudder 



 AU $30

316 SS - made specifically for Australian made DD3 skis. This is the most advanced rudder T- piece in the world. Never wiol the rudder drop out or wear out. These can be made to suit other brand of skis.