"The traditional surf oar shape"

The MACON shape is the conventional Surfboat oar shape.  A tried and proven shape for decades and used by every club that has a surf boat crew.


DD3 is also producing this shape keeping the original name.  Made through the closed mold system each blade is made from the highest quality resins and composite fibres available. Each blade consists of 8 specific pieces of carbon laid and wrapped in various directions to offer stiffness and strength.

All blades are custom made to order and can be ordered in club colours at no extra charge.

The mold system is made from Aluminium. This allows for a perfect finish of every blade and allows for a high compression closing which eliminates air bubbles and delamination.

All oars can be made at required lengths, handle thickness. 

Choice of shafts: All shafts are made by filament winding carbon and made right here in Australia. These are made in a controlled environment. The flex of the shaft is formulated by a computer formula which allows for shafts to be made in 3 different stiffness: Super Stiff, Standard, Flex.

Oars can be fitted with either Square Back or Round rowlock option.

PRICE: $1250.00

For additional information contact the team@ DD3 via the "Contact Us"page