STIFF SERIES:   The stiffest oar shaft the market. Full carbon filament wound shaft, lightweight that are the stiffest the market. Light in the hand for acceleration at the back of the stroke and easily adjustable for length (inboard and outboard). The "STIFF SERIES" Produce an extremely powerful catch for immediate acceleration. These shafts should only be used by the strongest crews preferably with the standard "Macon" blade shape.

FLEX SERIES:  The Standard shaft is designed with a slight whip for female, junior and novice crews. These oars are the lightest on the market. Also made by the filament winding process these oars offer 70% Carbon. These shafts can be used on both the Vortex and  Macon blades.

Both the STIFF and FLEX series shafts have extra reinforcement wraps strategically placed in area's which are common for breakage. This provides extra strength but does not change the feel of the required stiffness or flex.

SLEEVES / BUTTONS: DD3 Oars can cater for both Square back & Round configurations. DD3 has designed a new Square Back which has a smoother feel in the rowlock. This is quieter in the back turn and allows for great efficiency. The DD3 Square Back is also less likely to get jammed in the trail position meaning a less chance of damage to the oar or boat.

DD3 can also fit the "Croker / JAC" style sleeves at no extra cost. This however needs to be stated when ordering.

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Rowing Handle option:
Standard: 42mm      Thin: 39mm
Timber: These handles can be produced at thick or thin. These handles however are no veneer. They are solid spruce wood which is the most common handle used by rowers around the world. This style handle slides into the shaft of the oar.
Grips: DD3 offer a grip which is unique. It is a hybrid between EVA and Rubber. This has been trialled and tested by many rowers. Rowers hands were less affected by the hybrid grip over the longer sessions. These grips are easily replaceable.
DD3 can offer a full EVA grip in alternate colours at an added cost.
SWEEP OAR HANDLES: The DD3 Sweep oar handle in configured with 2 flat sides which allow for grear control and feel. This helps with the steering of the boat. The standard handle comes with an EVA foam which conforms to the tapering. DD3 also offer a hybrid configuration. This is a wooden handle fotted to the standard carbon shaft. This allows for sweeps to plane down to a desired taper or who prefer the wooden feel