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SKYFALL Iron DS - Deep Seat

 $4,650.00 PADDLE AWAY

The SKYFALL Iron DS offers a deeper seat and improves the stability of the ski, now making the ski a perfect choice for the beginner to intermediate spec ski paddlers.


The SKYFALL Iron DS  is the latest creation from DD3.  A fast ski designed to excel in both flat and big conditions.


The development process for the SKYFALL was over a 5 year period where 5 different prototypes were made to reach the end product. 


We believe the SKYFALL Iron is not only the fastest ski on the market but also the strongest.


The SKYFALLl comes both in a fixed made to measure leg length and an adjustable leg length.


The SKYFALL is made from the highest quality composite fibres and resins known.  Features unique to the SKYFALL are:



Length: 5.79m        Width: slsa reg.        Stability: 9/10        Carbon: 18kg      Fibreglass: 18kg      Light Weight: 12kg




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