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Paddles -  includes travel split cover & shipping

Carbon construction adjustable - $399

Kevlar construction adjustable - $299



 DD3 is the proud distributor of XLR8 paddles - all paddles are made from the highest grade composite fibres available. All shapes are based on European designs and are a perfect combination of size, feel and quality for all types of ski and kayak paddling. DD3 offer paddles in 2 sizes:


  • Small - 206-216cm - Braca Small / D-Enduro - Volume 600cm - suitable for women and junior paddlers in sprint and ocean racing

  • Medium - 210-217cm - Jantex Gamma / Turbo / Braca Volume 725cm -suitable for men in surf and ocean racing


All paddles are available in stock, adjustable, come with a 1 year warranty, paddle cover and include shipping anywhere in Australia.


$375(carbon) or $275(kevlar) for paddle only not including paddle cover.


For all orders please make contact via the 'Contact Us' page.

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