Sweep Oars - configuration
The DD3 Sweep Oar has been designed through consultation with some of Australia's leading sweeps. The blade itself has a wide 7.5 inch tail which allows for better control. The shape of the tail has also been designed for maximum control whilst the blade is pitched in turbulent water. This helps with boat control and a more fluent steering ability.
The standard Sweep Oar construction is a Carbon composite blade with as 70% carbon shaft. The standard sweep oar is a 4 piece modular system allowing for parts to be replaced and interchanged. The hybrid option allows for a timber handle.
The Timber Sweep Oar is the strongest oar on the market. Made by a combination of "Ash and Spruce". These oars will survive the toughest conditions. The handle can easily be shaved down for a more personal feel.
Standard Sweep Oar:  $1500.00 + GST
Timber Sweep Oar: $1100.00 + GST
Hydrid Sweep Oar: POA