Inspired by Innovation - Designed for surfboats

The VORTEX is culmination of 2 years R & D, consisting of 5different shapes prototyped and over 450 hours of trialling,DD3 are happy to announce the VORTEX is born.Under a close eye of Olympic Silver Medalist Daniel Burke and2 X World Champion Kristina Larsen, DD3 was able to draw on their Stillwater and surf experience and develop the newestSurfboat Oar on the market.​

The VORTEX Surfboat blade is available on all shafts, it is moulded with closed edges, which improves the blade durability and overall performance with no ridge line so there is less splash at the catch. The VORTEX blade enters the water quickly and quietly and floats low in the water. 


The longitudinal curvature is perpendicular to the tip and is in line with the flow of water. It has a constant pitch across the tip and all lines parallel to the tip. The gentle asymmetric curvature of the blade assures a clean release from the water with every stroke. 


VORTEX blades are visibly cleaner than other blades on the market. The VORTEX blade does not exhibit any negative tendencies during recovery or in choppy water. Since the VORTEX blades introduction, it has been extremely successful at all levels of rowing, winning the Australian Championship in 2018 and two Silvers at the 2018 World Championships.

The VORTEX blade can also me made to retro fitted to a standard Croker surf oar. This can keep the cost down for club trialling the VORTEX shape.  For info about the retrofit please contact us via the 'contact us' page.