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We are confident the Magnum, made by DD3, is the fastest  beginners/Intermediate ski on the market. Using only world class quality construction methods at a price that is unbeatable by our competitors, there is no choice when it comes to choosing your first ski, the Magnum is the one!


Our new ski the Magnum will fill the void in our beginner / Intermediate range of ski’s. The Magnum is more stable than our current  intermediate ski and is suitable for those people who do not regularly paddle, but want to get on an ocean ski and get into this fantastic sport without being held back on a slow ski. The Magnum seat has been designed with comfort in mind, the paddlers sitting position enables them to improve their technique while maintaining stability of a beginner’s ski. An advantage is that the ski is extremely easy to climb back into if you fall out.


       Length: 5.8m             Width: 46cm          Stability: 9/10        Carbon: 10.5kg      Fibreglass: 14kg     Innegra:  12.5kg

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.12.50


  • DD3 STANDARD: Vacuum infused. Made with glass and LRC soric, and carbon reinforced. Choice of deck and hull colour. 

  • DD3 INNEGRA: The newest composite, silver hex pattern.  Infused Honeycomb LRC soric - Clear gelcoat with colour design.

  • DD3 MAXI: Vacuum infused. Carbon infused honeycomb  LRC soric. Carbon construction.  Choice of hull and deck colour. . (clear carbon hull preferable option)

  • DD3 SUPER MAXI:  " The strongest ski on the planet" -Full Carbon vacuum construction. Clear gel coat. Black - Clear carbon only.

  • All Skis, Kayaks and Paddles are tested extensively before being handed to the consumer.

  • Contact through the "Contact Us" link for information required about pricing or construction

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