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Manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.



The design team at DD3 spent 5 years designing their first SLSA ski and the result was the SKYFALL series. The SKYFALL Iron is the second generation of our SKYFALL design. This is a uniquely designed ski on all accounts. We believe that the SKYFALL Iron is the strongest, fastest SLSA accredited ski in the world.  The skis design is tailored for the advanced to elite competitor paddlers.

The SKYFALL is made from the highest quality composite fibres and resins known.  Features unique to the SKYFALL are:


  • Parabolic hull - increased speed - flatwater, into swells & downwind

  • Parabolic lift - designed for reduced shedded vortex 

  • Option of fixed or adjustable footwell

  • Jump start block / handle incorporated into the design of the ski

  • Jump start kicker - allows paddlers to slide into the seat more smoothly on every jump start

  • Venturi's come standard on every ski

  • Unique x-bow nose shape that has be designed for wave punching, wave catching and paddling into a headwind

  • Wave disperser has been incorporated into the design to disperse water more effectively and reduce waves hitting the paddler

  • Highly efficient bouy turning - will turn on the inside of most other skis



Length: 5.79m        Width: slsa reg.        Stability: 7/10        Carbon: 18kg      Fibreglass: 18kg      Light Weight: 12kg




jacko going for it.jpeg

 " I am so happy with my ski ! I was able to choose the colours and construction I wanted. I couldn't find any other manufacturer that were able to meet my specific needs. The team at DD3 were fantastic in helping me thoughout the whole process. The skis produced by DD3 are the best quality skis I have seen."


Christina C, Sydney Australia

Daniel Collins - 2 X Olympic Medalist, World Champion k2 500m,  medallist Open Single Ski X 2, Open double Ski champion X 2


" Just had my 4th session on the DD3 SKYFALL Iron.......  A SIMPLY BRILLIANT ALLROUND SKI"





Mark Lewin - Point Watersport Owner / Surfski designer / Pioneer, South Africa


" I have just got off the water paddling the DD3 SKYFALL, everyone at training was facinated. I could write an essay about the ski, I can save it by saying 'You  have an absolutely amazing ski, well done"


"I’ve owned 5 different spec skis in the last 12 years and the DD3 Skyfall is the best spec ski I have paddled in that time. Above all, the ski is just fast. I have gone from being a masters mid pack competitor to being part of the relay team that won the NSW masters state title last year. Our club’s ski team trains hard, so its no fluke we won, however and I’ve noticed my position in the efforts at training moving up to the front since having the ski. The ski is itself is tough, the finish is perfect and I need to say it again, it’s truly fast due to an innovative hull shape. I also really like the design of the front of the ski, other spec skis have been a punish to paddle into waves and chop, the Skyfall cuts through chop and picks up over whitewater nicely. Anyway, the proof was in the results as the Skyfall featured in the Aussie final in its first year of production. Give it a try"


Chris Maker, Sydney Australia

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