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Ocean Racing skis are fast sit on top vessells which allow for optimum speed and comfort. They are designed for either flatwater use or in the ocean. The OR skis are not designed for cotinual in and out / wave catching. They are made from the highest  lightweight materials including carbon, kevlar and Annegra combined with vinylester resins.


DD3 OR skis can be made in a surfski / SLSA lay up construction upon request for a more durable construction for in/out, wave cathcing. Depending on the model and dessired construction methods skis weights will be heavier than what is published on this website.


All DD3 ocean skis are designed right here in Australia by accredited professional boat who are competitive paddlers. As our skis are made to order, desired colours and designs can be incorporated.


For any enquiries contact the team at DD3 via our contacts page.


 " I am so happy with my ski ! I was able to choose the colours and construction I wanted. I couldn't find any other manufacturer that were able to meet my specific needs. The team at DD3 were fantastic in helping me thoughout the whole process. The skis produced by DD3 are the best quality skis I have seen."

Christina Chakarovski  Sydney Australia.